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What Are Blueland Bottles And Wrappers Made Of?

Written by Natalie Henderson, Marketing Associate @blueland

March 22, 2021

Anatomy Of Blueland Packaging Series: Blueland Bottles and Wrappers

Blueland bottles are key to our mission of eliminating single-use plastic packaging. We’ve designed all of our bottles and containers to be reusable and refillable, so you just buy the bottles or containers once and refill for life! Our bottles and containers don’t use any single-use plastic, helping to divert up to 100 billion single-use plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. So, what are our bottles made of? We’ll break down the materials used to make our refillable bottles and containers.

What Are Blueland Cleaning Bottles Made Of?

Our cleaning bottles are designed as a reusable, refillable system. Our Glass + Mirror, Multi-Surface and Bathroom cleaning bottles are all made from tritan. We chose tritan because it’s durable and designed for reuse. It’s shatter-resistant and lightweight compared to glass, making it easy to carry around your home while you’re cleaning. It has undergone US FDA testing and has low leachability (per US FDA Regulation 21). It is BPA-free, antimony-free and contains no VOCs or phthalates. We are also proud to say that our new bottles received the Platinum Material Health Certificate from Cradle 2 Cradle!

Anatomy of Blueland Cleaning and Hand Soap Bottles

What Are Blueland Hand Soap Bottles Made Of?


bottles are made of glass. We used glass as it is an environmentally responsible material that typically sits on your countertop without being moved around too much. Because hand soap bottles are typically stationary, we felt glass would be less prone to breaking, so we chose glass for our Foaming Hand Soap Bottles.

What Are Blueland Dishwasher and Laundry Tins Made Of?


tins are made from tin coated steel. Just like our bottles, our tin containers are designed to be refillable and reusable. All you have to do is buy the bottle or tin once, and then purchase refills thereafter. Our tins also save a ton of space compared to conventional laundry or dishwasher pac jugs.

What Are Blueland Dish Soap Bottles Made Of?

Our Forever Bottles for our powder dish soap are made of high-grade silicone. Silicone is a reusable, ultra durable, dishwasher-safe BPA-free material. Silicone is easily squeezable for pouring purposes and is designed to stretch without breaking, making it safe to use with wet hands in the kitchen and around the sink.

Are Blueland Bottles And Containers Recyclable?

Yes, our cleaning bottles, hand soap bottles, dish soap bottles and dishwasher and laundry tins are recyclable. However, all of our bottles and containers are designed for continuous reuse. If you do find yourself needing to discard of your bottles for any reason, they are recyclable. We’re happy to provide you with a shipping label to send back your bottles to be sure they are recycled properly.

Anatomy of a Blueland Tablet Wrapper

What Are Blueland Tablet Wrappers Made Of?

Our tablet wrapper is paper based (paper is FSC certified!) and has an interior lining that is made of thin layers of aluminum and PLA (made 100% from annually renewable plant starch), which are used to preserve the tablet.

Because our tablets are shipped in dry format, we are able to use paper-based packaging, helping us cut down on another source of single-use plastic.

How Do I Dispose Of Blueland Tablet Wrappers?

The tablet wrapper has a paper exterior and a thin aluminum interior. The aluminum layer is thin enough that it is in fact compostable. It can be composted and is also biodegradable. If you've purchased from Blueland and live in the US, you can send us your wrappers and we'll compost them for you. Just email us at ( and we can send you a return label to ship your wrappers back to us.

Curious about other aspects of Blueland’s packaging? Learn more about our shipping packaging.


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