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What Is Blueland’s Shipping Packaging Made Of?

Written by Natalie Henderson, Marketing Associate @Blueland

March 22, 2021

Anatomy Of Blueland Packaging Series: Shipping Materials

At Blueland, we believe in making sustainable a feature of every aspect of our products, inside and including the box. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make our shipping packaging can be recycled or composted, instead of throwing it away, because it’s not just what’s inside the box that counts.

What Are Blueland Shipping Boxes Made Out Of?

  • Blueland boxes: There are many aspects to our boxes to make sure your products arrive safe and sound. But the first layer of protection is the Blueland box. Blueland boxes are made from cardboard and are made up of recycled content and are also recyclable. The boxes are easy to break down and put in with curbside recycling.
  • Blueland inserts: Inside of each Blueland box, there are inserts or trays to keep your products from moving around during shipping. These inserts are also made from cardboard and are made up of recycled content. Like the shipping boxes, they are also recyclable and easy to break down!
  • Blueland ink: We used water-based ink on our shipping boxes, that contains fewer solvents than other ink non-water-based inks and doesn’t contain VOCs. The inks we use on our packaging doesn’t impact the recyclability of our boxes.
  • Blueland tape: We use water-activated paper tape on all of our shipping boxes. This tape doesn’t contain plastic and is recyclable, unlike many traditional adhesive tapes. Plus, the paper used for our paper table is sourced from FSC certified paper mills.

Anatomy of Blueland Shipping Materials

Are Blueland Boxes Recyclable?

Yes! All of the components of Blueland shipping boxes, from the box to the tape to the trays are recyclable. Just flatten and leave out with your curbside or local recycling.

How Can I Upcycle My Blueland Box?

Looking to extend the life of your box a bit more? Our boxes are great for upcycling as well. A few ideas:

  • Spice rack organization
  • Sock drawer organizer
  • Desk supply organizers

What Is Blueland’s Shipping Envelope Made Out Of?

Our refill tablets and pouches come packaged in a paper-based padded envelope. Instead of an envelope with plastic bubble wrap, our padded mailers are filled with paper. The paper envelope and the paper padding inside are made from recycled content.

Are Blueland’s Shipping Envelopes Recyclable?

Yes! Just like our shipping boxes, our envelopes are recyclable. Just empty them completely and include them in your curbside or local recycling.

We work hard to make sure our packaging is easy to recycle. In addition to keeping our packaging recyclable, we also offset all emissions associated with shipping our products to you. Curious about other aspects of Blueland’s packaging? Learn more about



Refill is the New Recycle

The perfect way to start cutting out single use plastic from your home.

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