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How Effective Is Blueland's Toilet Cleaner?

Written by: Sophie Schick, Product at Blueland

October 4, 2021

How Effective Are Blueland’s Toilet Cleaner Tablets?

The Blueland team is committed to developing effective products, while seeking to optimize every Blueland product for human and environmental health. Third party organizations like Cradle to Cradle™ help evaluate our formula and ingredients for their impact and independent, third party labs test our products to help measure their efficacy.

, which comes in Lemon Cedar scent, went through rigorous third-party tests and is proven to work. Learn more about the results below.

How do Blueland’s Toilet Cleaner Tablets work?

Our revolutionary Toilet Cleaner gives you an easy, plastic-free, cleaning solution for your toilet bowl. Unlike conventional toilet cleaners, Blueland’s Toilet Cleaner provides the ingredients to get a toilet sparkling clean with fewer harsh chemicals often found in conventional toilet bowl cleaners. Simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl, watch it bubble and foam, and get your brush for a quick scrub. Flush, and you’ve got a clean toilet. The tablets come in a fresh Lemon-Cedar scent to maintain bathroom freshness. The Toilet Cleaner comes with a refillable tin-coated steel container that is designed for continuous re-use. Refills are shipped in compostable packaging.

Are Toilet Cleaning Tablets safe for septic systems?

Yes! Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner tablets are septic-safe! These tablets are 100% bio-based and made without chlorine bleach, hydrochloric acid or cetrimonium chloride (CTAC).

Does Blueland’s Toilet Cleaner work to lift toilet stains?

Our Blueland Toilet Cleaner was tested alongside five other toilet bowl cleaners to evaluate their ability to clean a range of toilet stains using the industry standard test method.

To test for efficacy on typical toilet stains, we followed the industry standard DCC-16 protocol. A representative stain made of typical bathroom stain components like artificial sebum, hard water, and clay is applied to a ceramic tile. The reflectance of the tile is measured before and after scrubbing to measure a cleaning efficiency value, or what percent of the original soil was removed. Reflectance is a great way to measure not just stain removal, but also how shiny the surface is after using the product. You’ll see that for bathroom stain removal, we performed the highest of all products tested.

Bathroom Stain Test

ProductAvg. % of C.E.
Major Gel Stamp Toilet Cleaner21.0
Major Pac Toilet Cleaner 1 19.1
Major Pac Toilet Cleaner 229.9
Major Natural Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner41.2
Major Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner 40.1

We also tested our product compared to others on the removal of rust and calcium carbonate, two common toilet stains. Calcium carbonate specifically is the mineral that serves as the key building block for stains like hardwater and lime scale stains.

To test for efficacy on rust stains, our third party test lab performed a similar protocol as the toilet stain removal. A standard rust solution was applied to ceramic tiles. Then, a different toilet product was used to scrub each individual tile. After 40 cycles of scrubbing, the amount of rust removed from each tile was measured. Each Toilet product was given a score based on amount of rust removed. A higher Cleaning Efficiency number means that more rust was removed, meaning better cleaning efficacy for that product.

Rust Stain Removal Test

ProductAverage C.E.
Major Gel Stamp Toilet Cleaner49.5
Major Pac Toilet Cleaner 155.3
Major Pac Toilet Cleaner 259.5
Major Natural Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner49.3
Major Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner30.7

Finally, to test for efficacy on hard water and limescale stains, we followed an industry standard test method to assess calcium carbonate removal. Calcium carbonate is the mineral compound that is a key component of the hardwater and limescale stains that are left behind on your toilet bowl. This test method is designed to evaluate how much calcium carbonate each product was able to remove. To mimic actual use of the product in a toilet, each toilet cleaner was dissolved in tap water, a proxy for the water in a toilet bowl, and then that solution was used to assess the removal strength of the toilet cleaner. Dilution ratios for how each product was dissolved were designed to be representative of actual product use case, dependent on the specific product’s intended use. The table below has full details.

Calcium Carbonate Removal Test

ProductDilution% Weight Lostt
Major Gel Stamp Toilet Claner6L tap water tank flush over one gel stamp0.01
Major Pac Toilet Cleaner 11 swatch /1L tap water0.03
Blueland1 tablet /1L tap water0.02
Major Pac Toilet Cleaner 21 pac/1L tap water0.01
Major Natural Liquid Toilet Bowl CleanerRTU0.05
Major Liquid Toilet Bowl CleanerRTU0.00

*Note: No toilet bowl cleaners with hydrochloric acid were tested.

As the information above shows, Blueland’s Toilet Cleaner is proven to work on a range of common bathroom and toilet stains when tested alongside other toilet bowl cleaner products. To learn more about how Blueland’s Toilet Cleaner, you can read the safety data sheet. To learn more about how Blueland’s other bathroom products work, like our



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