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Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set

3,638 Reviews
4.79 average score
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Toilet Bowl Cleaner Ingredients

How It Works

Drop a tablet into your toilet bowl and watch it fizz and foam

Give your bowl a quick brush once it's dissolved

Flush your newly cleaned toilet and admire the shine

100% Bio-Based and Plastic-Free

Finally! A toilet cleaner that's tough on grime and gentle on the planet. Our Toilet Bowl Cleaner is fragranced with 100% natural essential oils and made without harsh chemicals.

  • No Chlorine Bleach

  • No Hydrochloric Acid

  • No Plastic

  • No Dyes

  • No CTAC

The First Plastic-Free Tablet Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Our Toilet Bowl Cleaner has been tested alongside leading brands and proven to work on a range of tough toilet stains, including limescale, mineral deposits, hard water, and rust stains.

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Customer Reviews

3,638 Reviews
4.79 average score
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