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How Do I Do Plastic Free Laundry? With Blueland’s Plastic-Free Laundry Tablets

Written by: Allie Willison, staff writer @Blueland

May 6, 2021

We all do it, we all need it. Sometimes we procrastinate and can’t believe the weight of our hamper, sometimes we have tiny loads to get us through the week. It’s arguably one of the most important cleaning rituals we have and Blueland’s here to help with that. Blueland’s Plastic Free Laundry tablets are an innovative product proven to work and ready to take on your toughest loads.

What Makes Blueland’s Laundry Tablets Different?

Our laundry tablets pack a powerful clean in a tiny tablet without any plastic waste. Conventional laundry pacs are made with a material called PVA. PVA is a synthetic plastic that requires specific conditions to fully degrade so we've decided not to use it in our products. We haven’t found a dissolvable film that meets our standards for biodegradability. So instead we opted to develop our tablets naked, without any additional wrapper. Additionally, we test our products at independent third party labs, and our laundry tablets work on a range of common stains. Our ingredients are bio-based without phosphates, parabens, bleach, dyes, fragrance or petroleum-based ingredients. You can also find how our laundry tablets performed in third party tests on our blog here.

Our laundry tablet provides effective cleaning power, all in a 6 gram tablet. They were developed using cleaning technology made up of a system of 5 enzymes and each enzyme works on a different category of stain. All in all, they prove that the best things come in small packages, especially when they’re plastic free!

How to use Blueland’s Laundry tablets

The laundry tablets come in a compostable pouch, which we once again opted for a plastic free option. They’re meant to be stored in our Forever Tin that comes with the Laundry Starter Set, which you can find here. Once you’re ready to use our laundry tablets, gather your hamper and open up your washer (they’re compatible with all machines, including HE machines, top loaders and front loaders). Plop the tablet in the drum directly! (Not in the dispenser) Toss in your clothing on top of the tablet-- you can use 1 tablet for small/medium loads and 2 for large loads! Set your cycle and let the tablet get cleaning! Our Laundry tablets are another strong step towards a completely plastic free cleaning routine. We hope they’ll be a step in the right direction as more and more consumers move to a plastic free formulation.

Keep a lookout for more and more from Blueland as we work to get you more plastic free solutions to your everyday cleaning needs!


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