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How It Works

Toss your plastic-free laundry tablet directly into the drum of a washing machine before adding clothes.

Pour a measured lid of Oxi Laundry Booster into the drum of the washing machine (or mix with water & soak for tough stains), throw in your laundry, and start a wash cycle.

Toss in your dryer balls along with your freshly washed laundry into the dryer for fewer wrinkles, more softness and no plastic waste!


Go Plastic-Free

Keep our waters clean with 100% plastic-free tablets

Blueland Laundry Tablet

  • 100% plastic-free
  • Clean ingredients
  • Concentrated clean

Conventional Pod

  • Wrapped in plastic
  • Harsh chemicals
  • More shipping emissions

Consciously Clean Ingredients

Strong enough to power away the toughest stains, gentle enough to trust on your skin. Our plant and mineral-based ingredients are certified by EPA Safer Choice, EWG, and Cradle to Cradle, holding us to the highest standards for health and safety.

  • No Chlorine Bleach

  • No Parabens

  • No Phthalates

  • No Ammonia

  • No Plastic Packaging

Planet-Friendly Packaging

Not only do our refills come in compostable paper-packaging for a completely zero waste experience, our shipping boxes are curbside recyclable and made with recycled content.

  • Compostable Refill Packaging

  • Recyclable Shipping Box

  • Paper-Based Tape

  • Water-Based Inks

  • No Single-Use Plastic

Tried, Tested, Proven

Scientist-developed and tested by independent third-party labs. Read the results.

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