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Oxi Laundry Booster Starter Set

1,424 Reviews
4.91 average score


Plastic-Free Laundry

How It Works

Fill the tin's cap to measure a dose of powder.

Toss powder directly in drum of washing machine, or mix with water and soak for tough stains.

Add laundry detergent (bonus if it's our plastic-free Laundry Tablet) and start your wash cycle.

not impressed? we'll pick up the tab

Clean and Plastic-Free Ingredients

For fresher laundry, color-safe whitening, and odor removal, our Oxi Booster is tough on stains and gentle on the planet. Available in pouches of Fragrance-free and Clear Skies (think line-dried linens and crisp, fresh air).

  • No Chlorine Bleach

  • No Parabens

  • No Phthalates

  • No Ammonia

  • No Dyes

  • No Plastic Packaging

Customer Reviews

1,424 Reviews
4.91 average score
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