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How to Wash Towels

February 28, 2024

When it comes to washing your towels, you likely haven't thought much about how to wash them differently than anything else you're washing. But, there are some things to consider when washing towels that will help extend their life and keep them fluffy longer. The good news about cleaning towels: You don't have to clean them as often as you might think!

Here's how to wash towels:

1. Sort Towels: Separate towels from other laundry items to prevent lint transfer. Wash towels together based on their color (whites, lights, and darks) to prevent color bleeding.

2. Pre-Treat Stains: Before washing, pre-treat any stains on the towels using

. Apply the solution directly to the stained areas and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes before washing.

3. Use the Right Detergent: Choose a detergent suitable for the type of towels you're washing (e.g., regular detergent for cotton towels). Avoid using too much detergent, as it can lead to residue buildup and reduce absorbency.

give you the perfect dose every time.

4. Wash in Warm Water: Wash towels in warm water (not hot) to help dissolve detergent effectively and remove body oils and bacteria. Hot water can cause towels to lose their softness and fade over time.

5. Select a Gentle Cycle: Use a gentle or normal cycle on your washing machine to avoid excessive agitation, which can cause towels to wear out more quickly. If your towels are heavily soiled, you can opt for a longer wash cycle.

6. Avoid Overloading the Washer: Ensure there's enough space in the washing machine for the towels to move freely. Overloading can prevent proper cleaning and rinsing.

7. Limit Fabric Softener: While fabric softener can make towels feel softer, it can also reduce absorbency over time. Consider using vinegar or

as alternatives. If you prefer using fabric softener, use it sparingly and dilute it with water before adding it to the rinse cycle.

8. Tumble Dry on Low Heat: After washing, tumble dry towels on low heat or air dry them to prevent shrinkage and preserve their softness. Avoid using high heat, as it can damage the fibers and make towels feel rough.

9. Fluff and Fold: Once dry, fluff the towels to restore their loftiness and fold them neatly for storage. Avoid hanging towels in direct sunlight for extended periods, as it can cause colors to fade.

Can you wash towels with clothes?

Yes, you can wash towels with clothes in the same load, as long as you follow a few guidelines:

1. Similar Colors: Wash towels with clothes that have similar colors to prevent color bleeding. Separate white towels from colored clothes to avoid potential discoloration.

2. Lint Transfer: Towels tend to shed lint, especially during the first few washes. To prevent lint transfer to other clothing items, consider washing towels separately or with other items that can tolerate lint, such as jeans or sturdy fabrics.

3. Heavy Soiling: If towels are heavily soiled, particularly with dirt or body oils, it's best to wash them separately or with similar items to prevent transferring soil to other clothes.

How often should you wash your towels?

The frequency of washing towels depends on several factors, including personal preference, frequency of use, and how quickly they become dirty or develop odors. As a general guideline:

1. Every 3-4 Uses: Many people find that washing towels every 3 to 4 uses strikes a balance between maintaining cleanliness and conserving water and energy. If you use a towel multiple times but it doesn't appear dirty or smell musty, it's likely still clean enough for continued use.

2. More Frequently for Hand Towels: Hand towels, which are used more frequently and are more likely to become soiled with dirt, bacteria, and hand oils, may need to be washed more often. Washing hand towels every 1-2 days or when they become visibly soiled is best.

3. Less Frequently for Bath Towels: Bath towels, which are typically used to dry off clean bodies after bathing, may not need to be washed as often. If hung to dry properly between uses and not subjected to excessive moisture, bath towels can usually be used multiple times before washing.

4. Consider Individual Factors: Factors such as household size, climate, and personal hygiene habits can also influence how often towels need to be washed. In humid environments, towels may develop odors more quickly and require more frequent washing.

5. Use Your Judgment: Ultimately, it's important to use your best judgment and consider the condition of the towel. If a towel appears dirty, smells musty, or feels stiff or rough, it's time to launder it.

Can you wash sheets and towels together?

Yes, you can wash sheets and towels together in the same load, just follow the same principles mentioned above to get the best clean.


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