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2024 Team Blueland Resolutions

December 20, 2023

The new year is here, but if you’re not in the mood for a challenge (looking at you, resolutions), you’re not alone. A recent poll found that 62% of respondents feel pressure to set a new year’s resolution. But oftentimes setting new goals—whether it’s for the new year or otherwise—feels daunting because they feel unattainable. Our mentality? Progress over perfection. Make small changes in your everyday habits that are things you’ll already be doing anyways.

To help spark some ideas, we thought we’d share some examples of resolutions that our own Blueland team members are taking on in 2024.

“I want to be more thoughtful about shopping (need > want) and cut back on impulse buys.” Misha, Designer

“I’m going to use up all of my hair products before I buy more…🫣” McKenzie, CX Lead

“I’m going to finally stick to meatless Mondays.” Hannah, Sr. Retention Manager

“I’m keeping my paper towels under the sink so I’ll use them less/only when I need to, and rely more on hand towels or my cloud cloth.” Chelsea, Content Editor

“Less eating out, more cooking in. I also want to be more cognisant of where my ingredients are coming from and shop more locally when I can.” Hannah, Sr. Director of Brand

“I recently got a compost tumbler so I’m excited to commit to reducing my food waste in 2024.” Jordan, Sr. Lifecycle Marketing Associate

“I’m making a pledge to mend my clothes when I can instead of tossing them. My first project is turning some old jeans into shorts!” Nikita, Brand Marketing Manager

And, in case you haven’t already, switching to Blueland makes sustainable habits extra easy :)


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