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Plastic-Free Living

Plastic-Free July Is Here!

Written by: Hannah Butman, Director of Brand

June 21, 2023

Why Plastic-Free Important?

While the mass production of plastic began only six decades ago today, today it pervades nearly all aspects of modern lives on an unimaginable scale: 380 TONS of plastic is produced a year, which is nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population.

A significant cause of this plastic crisis is due to the rise of single-use plastics. Single-use plastic accounts for 50% of all plastic produced in a year. Items like: plastic cups, straws, coffee stirrers, shopping bags, bottles that are used for mere minutes, can leave behind consequences for generations to come. Plus. compared to its production and consumption, The actual rate of recycling of plastic is alarmingly low: Only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled and the remaining 91% is either incinerated, landfilled, or in the environment. Without recycling, plastics don’t really break down; they just break up smaller and smaller until over time they become microplastics which are hard to detect and everywhere.

The good news is that individually we can all work to reduce single-use plastic waste. On average, people generate 1,847 pounds of plastic waste per year underscoring just how important the Plastic Free July movement truly is. Individual action often inspires collective shifts, and that impact can add up quickly. So whether it’s simply switching to a reusable water bottle (and individually saving hundreds of plastic water bottles from landfills), your actions DO matter.

Blueland's Plastic-Free July Challenge:

This PFJ, we’re focusing on progress, not perfection and with that, kicking off a community challenge: commit to one plastic-free swap for 30 days. The prize? Major environmental impact and a $100 gift card to Blueland. Plus – for every 10 people who complete the challenge, we'll donate $1,000 to Beyond Plastics.

How It Works:

#1 – Choose your plastic-free swap

Join the challenge and make your 30 day pledge here. Commit to one item of plastic you want to swap out for the next month. Some ideas include

  • On the go: snack bags, water bottles, coffee cups, or takeout containers
  • Around the house: laundry pods, tea bags, wet wipes, or surface cleaners

#2 – Track & share

Use our free tracker to monitor your weekly progress. Saturday is check-in day! Make sure to share your tracker and progress with us on Instagram @blueland so we can support your commitment along with our community.

#3 - Complete Blueland's plastic-free July challenge

4 weekly check-ins shared = challenge completed! Every participant who completes the PFJ challenge will receive a $100 gift card to Blueland as a way for us to thank you for helping move our community forward.

Get Started:

Join the challenge and make your 30-day pledge here.


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