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How Effective Are Blueland’s Dish Products?

Written by Syed Naqvi Head of Product Development & Innovation @Blueland

August 23, 2020

At Blueland, we strive to optimize all of our products for human and environmental health as well as effectiveness. As part of our research and development process, all of our products were tested by independent, third-party labs. Our Dish Soap Powder and Dishwasher Tablets were no exception. See how our products tested against major brands below.

How Does Blueland Dish Soap Powder Work?

Blueland Dish Soap Powder is a different format than conventional liquid dish soap used for washing dishes by hand. Our Dish Soap Powder comes in a dry, powder format. Consistent with our mission to eliminate single-use plastic packing, our Dish Soap Powder is packaged in compostable paper. Our refillable Dish Soap Powder system includes our refillable silicone shaker which is designed for continued reuse. To use Blueland Dish Soap Powder, sprinkle the powder onto a wet sponge or directly onto a dirty dish, and start cleaning. Once sprinkled onto a sponge or plate, our Dish Soap Powder can be used similarly to conventional liquid dish soap.

Does Blueland Dish Soap Powder Work?

Our Dish Soap Powder was tested by an independent, third-party lab alongside major liquid dish soap brands, labeled as “Dish soap product 1”, “Dish Soap product 2” and “Dish Soap product 3” in the chart below. From the thirty party tests conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of each dish soap, two that are highlighted below focused on removing food from dishes. Results were measured by the amount of stain removed from the ceramic floor tiles (CFT) by each dish soap and the number of cycles it took to remove the amount of stain.

Testing Procedure

All of the products included in the test were used to clean the baked-on or burnt-on food off of ceramic floor tiles (CFT). For each brand, four grams of soap were applied to a sponge and used for the efficacy test. The ceramic floor tiles were loaded onto Gardner Scrub Tester, which is a machine that mimics the scrubbing motion of hand washing dishes. The machine has an automated scrubbing arm that the sponge is attached to. The sponge and dish soap runs back and forth against the tile.

Efficacy is measured by the amount of stain removed from the tiles across all cycles. The maximum cycles run in this third-party test was 300. If a certain level of efficacy was reached, as was the case with Blueland Dish Soap Powder, before a full 300 cycles were completed, no additional cycles were needed. The results are reflected in the delta E for each stain and the number of cycles it took to remove that amount of stain. A spectrometer was used to determine the difference in color before and after the tiles are scrubbed. The Delta E between the colors represent the stains removal. The higher the Delta E the better the result. The results for both tests are below:

Baked-On Food

ProductAvg. Delta E# of Cycles
Dish Soap Product 117.6300
Dish Soap Product 216.1300
Dish Soap Product 312.4300

Burnt-On Food

ProductAvg. Delta E# of Cycles
Dishwasher Product 13.8300
Dishwasher Product 22.9300
Dishwasher Product 32.8300

As seen in the charts above, our Dish Soap Powder has been independently tested to be more effective at removing baked-on and burnt-on foods than major liquid dish soap brands.

How Do Blueland Dishwasher Tablets Work?

Just like conventional dishwasher pacs, you load one Blueland Dishwasher Tablet into the dishwasher detergent component. However, Blueland tablets are not individually wrapped in Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), but instead are naked. They are shipped in compostable packaging and we also sell a refillable tin-coated steel container that is designed for continuous re-use and recommended with our Dishwasher Tablets. To use Blueland Dishwasher tablets, simply place one tablet in the detergent compartment and run the dishwasher cycle.

Do Blueland Dishwasher Tablets Work?

Our Dishwasher Tablets were tested by an independent third-party lab alongside major dishwasher pac brands, labeled as “Dishwasher pac product 1”, “Dishwasher pac product 2” and “Dishwasher pac product 3” in the chart below. The dishwasher pacs and tablets were tested on six different food stains. The different food stains were made up of proteins, fats, starches and oxidative stains.

Testing Procedure

To assess the efficacy of each dishwasher pac or tablet, each was tested in the dishwasher with stained dishes. The efficacy is measured by the amount of stain removed from a dish. Stain removal is reflected by the average delta E, the change in color before and after washing the stains with dishwasher pacs or tablets. The greater the delta E, the greater amount of stain was removed from the dishes. The results for the tests are below:

Stain DescriptionBlueland Delta EDishwasher Pac Product 1 Delta EDishwasher Pac Product 2 Delta EDishwasher Pac Product 3 Delta E
Corn/Rice Starch52.7310.2746.0737.82
Spaghetti Bolognese48.5147.3750.9347.04
Baked Cheese35.1133.5734.5637.21
Minced Meat15.4119.6819.8820.51

As seen in the chart above, Blueland Dishwasher Tablets performed well in 5 out of 6 stains tested.

For more information on our dish products, you can read the Safety Data Sheets for our Dish Soap Powder and our Dishwasher Tablets. To learn more about how our

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