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Giving Back to Plastic Pollution Coalition

Chelsea Burns, Content Editor

November 29, 2022

The season of shopping has begun, but alongside that is the season of giving, which is kicked  off the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, also known as “Giving Tuesday.” Whether it’s large companies giving back to a nonprofit of their choice or consumers setting aside some money to donate themselves, the annual tradition is something we wanted to get behind. Because why should you have to choose between shopping or giving when you can do both?!

This year we’re donating all profits from sales on Giving Tuesday to the Plastic Pollution Coalition. Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) is a nonprofit that works to create a more just, equitable, regenerative world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. As a company that was founded to help eliminate the use of single-use plastics, our mission goes hand in hand with PPC’s so it felt like a natural fit for them to be our Giving Tuesday partners this year. Here’s a little more about the projects PPC is working on and what your donation will be going towards.

Flip the Script on Plastics
This initiative is looking to the TV and Film industry to help change the narrative about single-use plastics in television shows and movies. The idea being that life imitates art and so if these shows and movies portrayed better-for-the-planet lifestyles and examples, it would intuitively put those ideas into the minds of the people watching.

Filtered Not Bottled
PPC and 22 other organizations have called on the EPA to replace lead service pipes with a non-toxic alternative, not PVC plastic, and in the interim to provide residents of those areas with filters for their water instead of plastic water bottles.

The Last Plastic Straw
This movement is looking to make plastic straws a relic of the past. While they’re working to create change on a national level, they’re also encouraging eateries to no longer automatically give plastic straws; educating individuals to refuse plastic straws and spread the “straw free” message; and working to change local regulations to stop this unnecessary plastic pollution.


Refill is the New Recycle

The perfect way to start cutting out single use plastic from your home.

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