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What Do Blueland Garden Hand Soap Scents Smell Like?

Written by: Natalie Henderson, Marketing at Blueland

May 20, 2021

Hands up if you’re excited for Spring! Spring is officially in full swing, and we’re excited to celebrate with new seasonal Hand Soap Scents!

Blueland Garden Hand Soap Scents

We’ve launched something that smells great: Our Garden Hand Soap Scents! Available in three, fresh spring scents, Satsuma Mandarin, Lily Mint and Bergamot Rose these new hand soaps will make you excited to wash your hands. Not quite sure what those smell like? We’ve got you covered.

What Do Blueland Garden Hand Soap Scents Smell Like?

  • Satsuma Mandarin: The Satsuma Mandarin hand soap has the slightly sweet, slightly tart scent of a mandarin. It has citrus top notes of grapefruit, mandarin orange and lemon zest. It has undertones of vanilla, green tea and blonde tones. The scent is fresh and reminiscent of the tropics.
  • Lily Mint: The Lily Mint hand soap is a lively spark of spearmint layered over calming florals and finishing with a base note of earthy sweetness. It has water lily, spearmint and seagrass top notes. It has undertones of cedarwood, sandalwood and neroli.
  • Bergamot Rose: Bergamot Rose is a balanced scent of silky rose petals and zesty sun-dried citrus. It has top notes of grapefruit, cyclamen and jasmin and undertones of vanilla, green tea and blonde woods.

Are Blueland Hand Soaps Effective?

Our hand soap includes surfactants, which are important ingredients that help wash away dirt and grime. We don’t include any disinfectant or antibacterial agents in our hand soap, and instead rely on the surfactant to break up and ultimately wash away dirt and grime from your hands surface. You can learn more about our hand soap here.

How Can I Buy Blueland Garden Hand Soap Scents?

Our Garden Hand Soap Scents are available for a limited time only. You can purchase Garden Hand Soap refill packs in packs of 3, 6, or 9 or you can purchase a starter set or hand soap duo. The Garden Hand Soap Starter Set includes one reusable glass hand soap bottle and three hand soap tablets, one of each garden scent. The Garden Hand Soap Duo includes two reusable glass bottles and six hand soap tablets, two of each garden scent.

Get clean hands all spring and summer long!


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