And that’s a problem.

The Dirt on Laundry

Most laundry pacs are wrapped in Polyvinyl Alcohol (aka PVA or PVOH) — a petroleum-based plastic that dissolves in water but doesn’t actually disappear. PVA/PVOH is considered to be one of the most ubiquitous pollutants in present day wastewater.

From Our Washers

PVA plastic-wrapped pacs dissolve in the washer, but the plastic molecules remain and go down the drain into our water systems.

To Our Oceans

PVA does not fully biodegrade in most wastewater treatment facilities. This can potentially result in an estimated 60-82% of intact, PVA particles released into our oceans, rivers and canals.

In Our Food

This plastic has the potential to adsorb dangerous chemicals or containments, or heavy metals at high concentrations and then make its way into our food chain.

Research estimates about 60-82% of the PVA is potentially not biodegraded in most wastewater treatment facilities and makes it back into our waterways.

The Plastic-Free Laundry Tablet

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*For this video, we filled a tank with warm water and filmed a traditional laundry pac dissolving. While nothing but warm water and the pac was added to the tank, we shot the video in front of a colored backdrop to highlight the dissolution in water process.