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Low Waste Tips

Low Waste Spring Cleaning Tips

Written by: Allie Willison, Staff writer @blueland

May 10, 2021

Since we’ve spent so much time in our homes this year (that usual) I bet there’s a bit more cleaning needing to be done just because our space has been so lived in. There’s a little more dust in the corner, maybe more than a few socks lost in the recesses of dryer, one to many crumbs in the couch cushions from our collective binge watch of Tiger King… According to the American Cleaning Institute, 78% of Americans participate in Spring Cleaning each year. Though the idea of spring cleaning can be a bit daunting, it doesn’t have to be! You can go at your pace, clean your way, and get your home sparkling ready for the warmer months ahead.

Tackling the Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Make your list but don’t let it scare you! The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do it all at once. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a one day event! I remember when I thought spring cleaning meant putting on my rubber gloves like armor and rushing into battle to take on grime. Now I go about it in a more relaxed way. I space out my tasks, making a list prioritizing what needs to be done.

To get started:

  • Hydrate, eat a snack, get ready to get some stuff done! Turn on a cleaning playlist and you're ready to go!
  • Start by room
  • Work from most prioritized task to least prioritized, ie. Living Room- Steam the rug to Dust the Bookshelf
  • Check off each task as you go! Reward yourself with a snack or a quick break to use your duster to belt along to Dancing Queen

Quick Tips For An Easy Spring Cleaning

  • One Tool Fits All: There’s no need to overcomplicate your cleaning routine! Repurpose rags or t-shirts to tackle all the surface messes.
  • Set It and Forget It: Load the dishwasher as you cook then wait until it’s ready to rumble. You want to make sure you’re using the space efficiently as possible to save on water. Plus, this way your kitchen stays cleaner and your sink spotless!
  • Make It Shine: Want all your chrome fixtures to find a new glittering life? Take a lemon wedge and rub over the chrome to wash away rust and stains. Leaving your faucet so pretty that a fairy tale queen would be jealous.
  • Clean Smarter, Not Harder: Know where to soak, where to scrub, and where to wipe. If your stove top is looking like the island of over spilled food, let your cleaning helper (our Powder Dish Soap works great for this) sit for a hot minute before wiping away. Let the cleaners do the grunt work so you don’t have to.

Find more

& Tips for Cleaning Hard to Clean Areas.

The Closet Clean Out

One big part of spring cleaning for me has always been cleaning out my closet and deciding what can be repurposed, donated, or mended.

Store what’s not seasonal to make room! A stuffed closet is much harder to keep organized and clean. Now that the weather is turning, you’re not going to need that sweater dress for another 6 months anyway. By getting fabric storage bins for under your bed, or having a drawer dedicated to off-season, you can free up space and make your life easier when looking for that perfect picnic outfit.

If you haven’t worn it in over a year, time to move on. As a person with hoarding tendencies, this is my favorite game. If the size is wrong or if you haven’t used it, it can be time to donate the item or repurpose it. Depending on the condition, there’s tons of options as to keep your textiles out of landfills.

Organize the rest in whichever way feels right to you. Some like color coding, others like organizing by outfits or types of clothes.

Shop smarter going forward! Look to sustainable brands, try out a capsule wardrobe, and be conscious of the environmental impact of your fashion choices. It’s never too late to start on a greener path in your closet.

Keeping Up the Clean Into the Summer

After tackling the big tasks, keep track of little things that you can add to your weekly cleaning routine. Little things add up to big messes, so by taming the dust bunnies now, you can avoid dust wolves later on. Spring brings a time to step outside and welcome the warm months ahead, while also granting us rain filled days to get cleaning done so our homes are ready too. With the above tips and the right dose of motivation, you too will be a spring cleaning champion by May.


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