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5 Ways To Participate In Second Hand September

Written by Natalie Henderson, Marketing at Blueland

August 30, 2022

As we jump into fall, we are kicking off with the Second Hand September pledge! All month long, we’re committing to taking a closer look at our closet and focusing on rewearing pieces we already have, shopping second hand for items we need and giving away anything we need to to stores accepting donations.

What Is Second Hand September?

Second Hand September is a month-long challenge started by OxFam that encourages consumers to shop second hand to lessen their impact on the planet. You can take the pledge to not buy any new clothes for the month and help lessen the demand for new clothing. The clothing and fashion industries are major contributors to waste, here are some stats that explain the impact of fashion on the planet.

These stats are just a few that show the impact that fashion has on the environment, but the good news is we can all lessen that impact.

Why Is Shopping Second Hand Important?

Second hand shopping is a great way to help reduce the demand for new fashion items and helps to keep existing clothing out of landfills. Instead, shopping second hand can give items a new life and a new home.

By extending the life of your fashion item by 9 months, you can reduce its carbon footprint by up to 30%, so yes, shopping second hand does make a difference!

5 Ways You Can Participate in Second Hand September

  1. Closet Clean Out: Start with a closet audit. What do you already have, and do you really need anything new? Can you get rid of old clothes? If you have clothing to get rid of, look for local thrift stores that accept donations or try to sell your clothes at a local shop or online thrift store like Depop or ThredUp.
  2. Swap Closets: Looking for a small closet refresh? Find a friend of several and do a closet swap! Swap your most worn pieces with a pal to get a refresh with no new clothes and no new spending.
  3. Upcycle: Can’t donate all your old pieces? Try to upcycle with mending or create something new with a little creativity.
  4. Invest in Long Term Pieces: If you do need to shop, try your best to make investments in clothing you can keep for a long time, so you won’t have to get rid of them anytime soon – and of course buy them second hand!
  5. Shop Second Hand: Take the pledge to shop second hand or not buy anything new the whole month of September.

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