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Pods Are Plastic

Laundry’s Dirty Secret: Pods + Sheets

Each year, over 20 billion plastic laundry detergent pods and sheets are used and sent into our water systems.

The single-use plastic film is a petroleum-based plastic called Polyvinyl Alcohol (also known as PVA or PVOH) that dissolves, but doesn’t disappear. Instead, the plastic particles go down our drains and are ultimately released into our oceans, rivers, canals and soil. From there, they can also eventually make their way into our food and water supply.

We’re Petitioning the EPA to Keep PVA Out of Our Water

The EPA reviews and regulates the manufacturing and use of certain chemicals to ensure they are safe for people and the planet. If we want to keep PVA out of our water, it’s up to the EPA to regulate the manufacturing and use of it. Read our full petition below.


What We’re Asking

Remove From EPA
 Safer Choice List

Until there is significant research that proves PVA to be safe for human and environmental health, we’re requesting PVA be removed from the EPA Safer Choice List

Regulate Use and Manufacturing

We’re requesting the EPA regulate the use and manufacture of PVA for consumer packaged goods.

Test for Human and Planet Health

PVA requires further testing to understand its full implications on the environment, we’re requesting extensive health and environmental safety testing of the plastic.

The Impact of PVA

Research shows that over ~75% of intact plastic particles from detergent pods are released into our waterways and soil. Like microplastics, this plastic film has the potential to absorb dangerous chemicals and contaminants, antibiotics, or heavy metals at high concentrations and work their way up the food chain into human food and water sources.


Current Research on PVA

A peer-reviewed study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows that while PVA does dissolve, it doesn’t always biodegrade.



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